Fotohalbmarathon 2013

Once again, the Fotohalbmarathon is back!

And it will be an international event again, which will take place end of September or beginning of October.

In order to determine the best possible date for all of you who are interested in taking part, we ask for your preferences at:

We are also looking forward to your comments on the slightly modified rules.

We hopefully see many of you at this year’s Fotohalbmarathon
Best wishes
Carsten and Sascha

The jury has spoken!

And what did they say?

Congratulations, and soon prices, go to Turma Intestinalis, Team Speichenbruch and Arkham for the best series and with their interpretation of “equilibrium” once again to Turma Intestinalis for the best picture.

The election was relatively clear … with the first place amongst the series, both jury and teams had the same opinion.

With the best picture, teams and jury at least agreed on the team, though the actual image differed.

All details and points can be found on on this page.

Congratulation once again and thanks to all participants …
we are looking forward to next year!

Btw. if you have ideas for topics, what about contributing to next year’s Fotohalbmarathon … let us know!

Over and out

This year’s Fotohalbmarathon just finished!

After all pictures have been transfered to our servers, the jury will start judging the series and we’ll announce the results within the coming weeks …

Great that you took part in this event …
We hope you had some fun!?

Please give some feedback on the organisation, the idea and the topics of the Fotohalbmarathon on these sites …


11 teams registered

Today is the 16th of September and until yesterday, twelve teams have registered for this year’s Fotohalbmarathon. Nice!

That means we have reached as many registrations as we had last year.

In case you did not do it so far, please remember to transfer your starting fee in time and charge your mobiles and cameras!!!

We are looking forward to the 25th!

p.s. in case you missed the registration, you can still register with minimally increased effort and for 9 Euros per team from now on.

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